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  Ministers of Music
  Rita Angeles

Stephen Eros

Eryn Krobath


The cantor greets the congregation, announces the hymns, leads the congregation in song, proclaims the psalm and gospel acclamation verse, and sings solos on occasion. The role of the cantor is part leader, and part soloist, but never both at the same time! Cantors rehearse and are scheduled based on their availability. Our cantors range from trained professional singers to amateur singers with strong voices and good musical instincts. The ability to read music is a plus, but not required for this ministry.

Rehearsals: individually scheduled
Mass: scheduled for 5:00pm, 8:30am, and feast days
Contact: Stephen Eros |

We welcome instrumental musicians and realize the great contribution they make to the liturgy. If you have a solid background in playing an instrument and would like to assist in the parish music ministry, contact one of our Ministers of Music.

The Children's Choir is comprised of students from the parish who are in grades 3-8. Learning how to read music and how to sing with good vocal technique is addressed in this young choir. The children also learn about their faith through the texts of the music that they sing. Besides singing at Sunday liturgies, the Children's Choir sings for special feasts throughout the year such as Christmas Eve, Holy Thursday, and Easter Sunday.

Rehearsals: Tuesdays at 3:30pm
Mass: alternating schedule
Contact: Stephen Eros |

The parish choir leads the congregation in song at the 8:30am Mass on Sundays. At offertory or communion, the choir sings a pieces that reflects the theme of the liturgy. The repertoire of this ensemble is drawn from a number of musical periods while still maintaining the identity of "traditional" music. Parishioners who are in high school or older are encouraged to join this group. The ability to read music is not necessary for membership.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays at 7:00pm
Mass: 8:30am
Contact: Stephen Eros |

This group leads the congregation in liturgical praise and worship at the 11:00 a.m. Mass on Sundays. It consists of guitars, piano, and any other instrumentalists that would like to participate. Adults of all ages are welcome!

Rehearsals: Thursdays at 7:00pm
Mass: 11:00am
Contact: Rita Angeles |

Our musicians serve as music ministers for the 5:30 Sunday evening contemporary Mass. We rehearse immediately before Mass beginning at 4:30. We welcome students who are in 8th grade or above. Singers and instrumentalists including guitars, piano, drums, and bass guitar are always welcome. Our repertoire consists of contemporary music as well as traditional hymns.

Rehearsals: Sundays at 3:30pm
Mass: 5:30pm
Contact: Eryn Krobath |

This group of parishioners sustains the voice of the congregation at funeral Masses. By their presence they represent the parish family and support the grieving family through their vibrant participation in the liturgy.

Rehearsals: before any scheduled funeral
Contact: Gert Wegmann | 314-270-7297

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